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  CIP 2008 Clinic NCAA National Mechanics Philosophies (pdf)
CAA IP Football Officials Handbook 2007 (pdf)
  CAA IP Football Officials Roster 2007 (pdf)
A10 Clinic Exam 2006 Staff (pdf)
  A10 Clinic Exam 2006 Crew (pdf)
  A10 Clinic Mechanics 2006 (pdf)
  A10 Mechanics Head Linesman & Line Judge (pdf)
  A10 Mechanics Head Linesman & Line Judge (ppt)
  Chain Crew Instructions Checklist (doc)
Football Officials Handbook
  Mechanics - Philosophy Things to Remember (pdf)
  Priority Checklists - Seven Man Crew (pdf)
  Initial Positions - Seven Man Crew (pdf)
  Formation Keys - Seven Man Crew (pdf)
  Football 2005 Officials - Crews (pdf)
  Holding - Pause, Read, React (pdf)
  Holding - Guidelines for Consideration (pdf)
  Pass Interference Rules - Clarification (pdf)
  Block In The Back - (pdf)
  Don't Get Close - (pdf)
Maconaghy Named Coordinator of Officiating
  Weekly Flash Reports 2003 (pdf)
  Weekly Flash Reports 2002 (pdf)
Officiating Mechanics Issues 8/22/2003
  Officiating Mechanics Issues 8/6/2003
Swinging Gate Formation  -  9/17/2002
2010 Yale (21) at Harvard (28)
2009 Harvard (14) at Yale (10)
2008 Yale (0) at Harvard (10)

Todd Boyd, Referee     (Crew Photos)
Ed Keiffer, Umpire
Mark Andrew, Linesman
Jim Slayton, Line Judge
Darin Patrick, Side Judge
Rusty Acree, Field Judge
Bryan Thomas, Back Judge

Bill Gosselin, Referee       (Crew Photos)
Edwin Shanahan, Umpire
Mike Stevens, Linesman
Tracy Lynch, Line Judge
Brian Fleming, Side Judge
Rollins Janetos, Field Judge
George Gaiser, Back Judge

Paul Zukis, Referee       (Crew Photos)
William O,Brien, Umpire
Ray Renart, Linesman
James Gleason, Line Judge
Ryan Flynn, Side Judge
Frank D'Angelo, Field Judge
Tim Gallagher, Back Judge
2007 Harvard (37) at Yale (6)
2006 Harvard (13) at Yale (34)
2005 Yale (24) at Harvard (30), 3ot

Tony Marcella, Referee (Crew Photos)
Matt Aloisio, Umpire
Mike Hoban, Linesman
Jeff Cooney, Line Judge
John Gill, Side Judge
Vin Boccanfuso, Field Judge
Bob Doyle, Back Judge

Steve Matarante, Referee
Ed Keiffer, Umpire
Mark Andrwe, Linesman
John Miley, Line Judge
Steve Brammer, Side Judge
Alan Russell, Field Judge
Ken Southworth, Back Judge

Jack Winter, Referee
John Shigo, Umpire
Greg Mace, Head Linesman
Lou Hammond, Line Judge
Jack O'Keefe, Field Judge
Chris Garth, Side Judge
Brian Thomas, Back Judge
2011 Harvard (45) at Yale (7)
2012 Yale (24) at Harvard (34)
2013 Harvard (34) at Yale (7)

Tony Marcella, Referee (Crew Photos)
John Shigo, Umpire
Lyndell Shelton, Linesman
Paul White, Line Judge
Steve Kirck, Side Judge
Vin Boccanfuso, Field Judge
George O,Brien, Back Judge

Jeff Gray, Referee (Crew Photos)
Mark Wilson, Umpire
Gene Higgins, Linesman
Baron Ballester, Line Judge
Rich Matarante, Side Judge
Hugh Bentley, Field Judge
Ronald Roberts, Back Judge

Michael Roche, Referee (Crew Photos)
Mark Wilson, Umpire
Andrew Smith, Linesman
Al Lucia, Line Judge
John Gill, Side Judge
James Reif, Field Judge
Dan Foutz, Back Judge
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